• Create memberships in Pivotal from mantis
  • Load mantis issues
  • for each issues
    • Do the conversion from mantis Type to Pivotal Type (you must adapt ConvertStoryType to your needs)
    • Do the conversion from mantis Status to Pivotal State (you can adapt ConvertStoryStatus to your needs)
    • Create the story
      • The description contains all initial mantis informations
      • Story Label = Mantis.Category
      • Set the estimate to 3
      • Add a note that reference the initial mantis url
      • Add all mantis notes to the story
      • upload all mantis attachment to the story
        • create a note for each attachment with detailed information and initial mantis attachment url
      • update the story status and add "attach" label to the story if an attachment exists
  • Deliver all finished stories of the project
  • Accept all delivered stories of the project

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