• Change the constants values and methods inside de Custom class
    • Constants
      • MANTIS_LOGIN : mantis login to log in to your mantis :)
      • MANTIS_PASSWORD : mantis password
      • MANTIS_PROJECT_ID : the mantis project id. You can found it in the project administration (or in the html page)
      • MANTIS_BASE_URL : the base URL of your mantis server (ex: http://www.mantisbt.org/demo/)
      • PIVOTAL_API_KEY : Pivotal API Key. You can generate one from your Profile page
      • PIVOTAL_PROJECT_ID : Pivotal destination project Id
    • Methods
      • Adapt ConvertStoryType method to your needs
      • Adapt GetPivotalUSer to your needs
    • Optional methods (there is a default behaviour that match most cases)
      • Adapt GetPivotalRole to your needs, if needed
      • Adapt ConvertStoryStatus method to your needs, if needed
  • Control that the Workflow corresponds to your need
    • Be carefull, at the end, All finished stories are delivered (comment this line if not needed)
    • Be carefull, at the end, All delivered stories are accepted (comment this line if not needed)
  • Change the MantisService WSDL URL (if needed: you have a different version of mantisconnect):
    • In the solution explorer, Expand Web References
    • Click right on MantisService, then Properties
    • Change the url

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